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HOA and Condo Management Services

Homeowner Association and Condo Association Management Services
Successful management of Common Interest Developments (CIDs) demands a varied background of experience and abilities. Summit Property Management uses proven management techniques to help lead an Association toward financial, operational, and social environment success with full service solutions.

Summit also offers a menu of services – consultation and management related – for smaller Homeowners Associations who wish to be involved in some degree of self-management.

Full-Service or Consultation services:

Association Administration needs:

  • Governing document review and adherence
  • Architectural design guideline processes and enforcement
  • Rule/Regulations review and enforcement
  • Board of Directors and committee administration, education, and communication
  • Board meeting preparation, review, and action follow-up
  • Meeting agenda and minutes records
  • Member’s records
  • Administration of required communication to members
  • Election administration
  • Parking solutions and administration

Association Maintenance needs:

  • Property inspections
  • Resident’s maintenance request administration
  • Work orders
  • Vendor and related services contracts
  • Maintenance sections of budget preparation, review, and justification
  • Large or Capital project analysis, management and administration

Association Fiscal Needs:

  • Budget preparation, justification, and review
  • Ongoing review, monitoring, and management of fiscal issues as directed by the Board
  • Preparation and communication of required budget disclosure to members
  • Ongoing reserve fund analysis and management as directed by the Board
  • Monitoring and management of delinquent accounts collections