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All residents must register their vehicles with the Association by calling Network Parking Solutions at 866-579-7275. The maximum number of vehicles that may be parked within the Rancho Villas community, per unit, is 2 registered vehicles. A permit will be issued to residents owning 2 vehicles.

For guests visiting more than 4 nights, you may call management to request a courtesy hold for parking for up to 7 nights. Only one vehicle per unit at a time is permitted a courtesy hold.

Satellite dish may be placed on a tripod on the patio or balcony. They may not be installed on any common area, such as the roof, or any exterior surface of any residence, without Board approval.

Your Association policy covers losses in the unit for things that exist at the time of the loss, including improvements. There is no personal property coverage. The Association urges all owners to purchase a condo owner’s policy (HO-6) and to consult with their agent regarding specific coverage.