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Pet owners must register their pet with the association within 10 days of move-in, or pet acquisition, and pay a $200 refundable deposit.

Only one (1) pet allowed and the pet may not weigh more than 20 lbs. at full growth

Pets must be taken off site to relieve themselves.

No oil or similar material is allowed down drains.

Owners are responsible for exclusive use plumbing lines and the HOA is responsible for common area plumbing lines.

In the event of a unit work project or repair, water shut off for the building is permitted Monday-Friday from 1-3pm. A 48-hour notice must be given to residents in the building and notices must be posted at the elevator on all floors and on the bulletin board. The notice must reference work date, time, and the unit having work done.

Your Association insurance policy does not cover losses inside a condominium. Things like paint, partitions, cabinets, appliances, or fixtures are not covered. There is no coverage for improvements or personal property. The Association urges all owners to purchase a condo owner’s policy (HO-6) and to consult with their agent regarding specific coverage.