Residents shall utilize their garage for parking of vehicles.

Passenger vehicles belonging to guests of owners may be parked temporarily within the guest parking spaces on the covered property.

A maximum of two vehicles are permitted to park in the driveway. At least one car is to be parked in the garage. Garages are for parking cars, not for storage or other uses.

No parking is permitted in red zones, within 15 feet of fire hydrants, in front of mailboxes, driveways, or in any manner which impedes mail delivery. Violating vehicles will be towed without warning at the vehicle owners expense.

Common area keys cost $100.

The pool and spa facility hours are from 8:00am to 10:00pm every day.

The pool, spa, and surrounding areas are reserved exclusively for the use of the HOA members and their tenants. Guests may be invited, but no member or tenant may invite more than six guests to use the facilities or the surrounding areas at any one time.